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What We Do

GrowthArt Capital is a financial services company that helps both businesses and ordinary people with cash solutions according to their specific needs.

Purchase order funding

Don’t let capital stop you from living yourbest life.

Purchase order funding or Tender Order Funding allows your business to pay suppliers for goods that you intend to resell or distribute to a customer who has completed a written purchase order. Purchase order funding allows you to pay your supplier up front to deliver or manufacture goods before you receive payment from your customers.

Personal Loan

Get a Personal Loan for that emergency expense or that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The day your fridge stops working is never the same day you get a surprise work bonus, and business opportunities don't come knocking only when you have spare money to invest. That’s where an Growthart Capital loan can help you. Borrow up to R5000 for unexpected emergencies or opportunities.

Frequently Asked


Q. 1. How much interest do you charge?

a.Please note that we do not charge interest. Depending on your margin, we currently charge a facilitation fee of 8% of the total purchase order value to facilitate you with capital to execute your purchase order.

Q. 2. What projects do we fund?

a. We provide funding to businesses with purchase orders for the supply of goods to private companies only. We pay your suppliers directly once approved and ensure delivery of goods to your client. We fund projects where the project period will not be more than 60 days and the capital requirement is under R100 000. Furthermore, your margins for the purchase order should be ≥20%.

Q. 3. Who can apply for funding?

a. A business that meets the following minimum criteria can apply:

- Your business is ≥51% black-owned
- You have worked with the client before (in the past 12-months)
- Your project can be completed in ≤ 30 days
- You have a ≥20% gross profit margin on your project
- You require < R100 000.

Q. 4. What projects do we fund?

a.On completely new applications, it can take us 2-5 days to process applications for approval. Repeat applicants we have worked well with can even be funded in a day. A large part of our turnaround time is highly dependent on how soon you send us all the documents that we require; the quality of the documents; and the complexity of your application.

How can you speed up your application?

- Send all the documents that we require all at once when responding to the document request email
- Rename your documents so that we can quickly work through them (e.g., rename the PO document as “Purchase Order”
- Try and avoid scanning your documents into one attachment as some things might be missed
- Only send documents that are related to the application
- If you must follow up, please respond directly to the last message on your application email thread.


Q. 1. What do I need to apply?

- South African Identity document ,
- 3 Months pay slip (as proof of employment).
- 3 months bank statement.
- Must be +18 years old.

Q. 2. Do you give personal loans to business-people/self-employment people?

a. No. Unfortunately we only give personal loans to employed people who have a stable salary/income.

Q. 3. How much interest do you charge?

a. - 30% Interest paid with one installment.

Q. 4. What is the maximum and the minimum amount for a personal loan?

- Min = R1000
- Max = R5000

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